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воскресенье, 23 июля 2017 г.

The cadres steal everything!

On a grand scale

Some of the officials working in modest government positions, as the media note, remind the oligarchs of the 1990s of their standard of living.

Residential house on Presnya

Vladimir Putin, addressing the Federal Assembly, drew attention to the problem of a 'simple official.' You can say he tried to even protect them. The President noted that although in recent years there have been many high-profile cases against major officials, but the absolute majority of civil servants are 'honest, decent people working for the good of the country.' And it's hard to argue with that. Today in Russia, according to the Ministry of Finance, 108 officials for 10 thousand people, and imagine that they are all impure in the hand is simply impossible.

Why then does society treat officials this way, that even the president had to talk about it? Perhaps the whole point is that some of the officials who work in modest public positions live in a broad step, reminiscent of the oligarchs of the 1990s, literally money-lending? This, first and foremost, creates around the bureaucracy the negative, which literally affects our society.

So the other day in the media broke the story revealed by a popular blogger Oleg Lurie about how well today middle-level officials live.
According to the blogger, his attention was recently attracted by Maxim Rusakov, board member, head of the Office of Competitive Pricing Development in the noncommercial partnership 'Market Council', working under the Ministry of Energy. NP 'Market Council' - 'it is such a non-commercial intermediary that monitors that everything works correctly so that all tariffs are correct,' Lurie said. 'In fact, the bureaucratic structure.'
NP 'Market Council' defines the rules of the game on the Russian energy market, including pricing issues. Thanks to his organizational skills, Rusakov was able to establish business contacts with employees of departments and large energy companies, becoming in fact the think tank of the group. 'According to Lurie,' the Internet portal Utro.ru informs, 'the total value of Maxima Rusakov's property exceeds a quarter of a billion rubles - over the past few years, three apartments in Moscow and a villa in the resort region of Bulgaria have been bought. At the same time, official incomes of an official and his family do not exceed 35-37 million rubles for the same period. ' Where does this money come from a simple manager?
I must say that Rusakov was lucky with his career. In 30 years, in 2011, he became head of the Office of Competitive Pricing Development with a very good salary. A few years later, in 2014, he was elected a member of the board of NP 'Market Council' and, according to Lurie in the transfer to 'Vesti FM', 'he received 17 million a year'. However, questions do not even arise from the fact that the head of a little-known non-commercial partnership receives the salary of a top manager of a large international corporation.
The most surprising thing is that 'The collection of the capital's real estate of the head of the department of a little-known non-commercial partnership consists of a 100-meter apartment in the prestigious district of Moscow, on Krasnaya Presnya, and a couple of apartments in the LCD' Garden Quarters 'in fashionable Khamovniki. The apartment on Presnya is estimated by realtors in 2 million dollars, the real estate in Khamovniki costs not less than 100 million rubles. One of the apartments cost 65 million, the second - recorded on the mother-in-law - about 35 million.
Villa in the Bulgarian village of Santa Marina, purchased by Rusakov two years ago, experts estimated at half a million dollars, 'continues Utro.ru.
It's hard not to trust real estate experts. After all, for example, on the site cian.ru the house on Presnya is described as 'a club project of a premium class located in a cozy area
With a developed infrastructure, 'which guarantees to its residents' round-the-clock security with a throughput system, a fenced perimeter, a natural stone finish and a ceiling height of more than three meters. ' The developer took care of the landscaping and landscaping of the yard, the finishing of the porches was made according to an individual design project, realtors noted. Only for a place in an underground parking of this complex to buyers it is offered to pay 100 thousand dollars. There are 31 apartments in a 24-hour security house.
And in the house in Khamovniki, lined with a 'German brick of the chocolate color of manual molding' and 'natural light stone', there is a pond and a park with an interesting landscape design for the residents. Buyers of apartments in this elite LC promise 'compliance with high social status and a socially homogeneous environment.' 'A two-storey shopping center with shops, a wine boutique, a pastry shop, restaurants and a cafe on the lake ... a gallery with shops, a supermarket and service ... two-level penthouses with winter gardens, open terraces and fireplaces,' reads the description. 'The project, which has no analogues in our country either on the concept or on the level of its implementation, high raises the bar of domestic design and construction technologies,' moderately sums up the realtors.
It is not excluded, the young official Maxim Rusakov has more property that is not found

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