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воскресенье, 23 июля 2017 г.

In the service of the oligarchy

The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labor opposed the progressive scale of personal income tax

Siluanov took pity on the rich
The new tax system should encourage bona fide taxpayers, said at the congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. As he said, work on change of system of insurance payments and fiscal privileges goes. The Ministry of Finance supported the introduction of excises on 'harmful products', but opposed the progressive scale of income tax.
Photo: Natalia Mushchinkina

The head of the Ministry of Finance noted that Russia has very high insurance premiums. They can be lowered by reconsidering regressive taxation of labor in favor of a flat scale for all. Now the employer transfers to the Pension Fund, the Mandatory Medical Fund and the Compulsory Insurance Fund 30% from the salary fund. At the same time, the rate is significantly reduced if the employee's salary exceeds 796 thousand rubles. per month. This regression is beneficial to large businesses with highly paid employees. According to Siluanov, the government is discussing the possibility of lifting tax thresholds for salaries and reducing the overall insurance premium rate, as previously announced, to 28%.
The head of the Ministry of Finance considers it inexpedient to introduce a progressive scale of taxation from the income of natural persons. Earlier, the authorities studied the possibility of replacing the flat scale of personal income tax in favor of introducing different tax rates depending on the level of income. According to Siluanov, the introduction of the progression of personal income tax will complicate administration and reduce the collection rates of taxes, thereby the budget will not only gain nothing, but will lose.
With the Minister of Finance, the Chairman of the Ministry of Labor, Maxim Topilin, is in solidarity. He also opposed the introduction of a progressive scale of income tax. According to him, the problem of collecting insurance premiums now is particularly acute - in Russia about 15 million people receive 'gray' salaries and do not pay insurance premiums.
The proposals voiced by the Ministry of Finance and the proposals supported by the Ministry of Labor require detailed elaboration, and it is still difficult to say what the configuration of the new tax system will be, Finance and Economics Director of the Institute of Contemporary Development Nikita Maslennikov said: 'The RSPP congress only confirmed the intention of the Ministry of Finance to follow the course set by the President of Russia In a message to the Federal Assembly. According to this exchange rate, 2017 will be devoted to tax discussion, since 2018 deputies will start working on changing the tax legislation, in 2019 the new tax system will have to come into force. Thus, until 2018, when the presidential elections are held, there is no need to expect an increase in the tax burden. '
Inna Degotkova

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