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воскресенье, 23 июля 2017 г.

Money from Russia extorted by billions

Alexander LEBEDEV Well-known banker, head of the National Reserve Corporation
Money is pumped out of Russia by billions. And such 'colonels' - service personnel
Zakharchenko most likely covered the general, because even if he is some kind of unique person, he could not earn as much himself. Not according to rank Photo: Pavel KLOKOV, online shooting, provided by kommersant.ru
In general, we have had a large-scale banking scam in the last ten years, the largest in the country's economy. The main beneficiaries of it are the bankers themselves and their top managers. And such colonels Zakharchenko is their servicing staff. He, most likely, obshchak covered, because even if he is some kind of unique person, he could not earn as much himself. Not according to rank.

One and a half tons of money from Colonel Zakharchenko. On the accounts of the family deputy head of the 'T' of the anti-corruption head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Dmitry Zakharchenko in Swiss banks is 300 million euros.
About $ 100 mrdd was stolen from our banking system over the past ten years. Of these, about $ 20 billion account for a dozen bankers: Sergei Pugachev from Mezhprombank, Andrei Borodin from the Bank of Moscow, Anatoly Motylev, associated with Globex and the Russian loan, and others (for more details, see the KP Rating). They feel good now abroad. Then there are smaller cases, when it is stolen not for $ 2 - 3 billion from one bank, but millions for one hundred. These were, of course, organized groups, many of whom were plundered by more than one bank.
Take, for example, Mr. Motylev. First, in the previous crisis, several billion disappeared from his bank Globex. And then he had six more banks and five pension funds collapsed. It's at least a few hundred million dollars.

President of the commercial bank Globex, Anatoly Motylev. Photo: Lyudmila Pakhomova / ITAR-TASS /
And do not tell me that many of the banks that have withdrawn licenses in recent years have not been able to pay off depositors because of the crisis. The bank was covered, and the former owners - yachts, villas, planes. Where did all this come from? Scheme known - bought fake securities, issued 'technical' loans. Nothing complicated. There was even a special business. Here you have taken out $ 100 million from the bank. You need this bank somehow to live a couple of years. For 5% of the stolen there came a new shareholder. And then the bank went bankrupt.
But in the past year these bankers have lost their roof. Just collapsed. Elvira Nabiullina practically cleaned everything in the Central Bank. And in the security structures of the 'rooftops' they were driven out to the trash without giving any possibility of work - the Damocles sword of investigation hangs over them.

Eight bankers who fled abroad with other people's money. Photo: Nail VALIULIN
And then the most interesting. Where is all this money now? What is hidden somewhere nalom - only a small fraction. The entire infrastructure for receiving these billions is in the West. The very withdrawal of this money abroad is also a big and complex operation. There are nominal directors, there are lawyers, there are special companies that draw up documents. There are agents who accept this money in funds and banks. And the people adhering to this are different dealers of real estate, planes, yachts. We are talking about a few tens of thousands of people who are fed from all this machine. And from around the world, not only from Russia, it pumps out a trillion dollars every year.

Alexander Lebedev told 'KP' how huge banks have flowed through banks to the West. Photo: Victor HUSEYNOV
No, this money is not hiding in London. The capital of Great Britain is just a place where you can hire good lawyers and get political asylum, declaring yourself a fighter against the Russian regime. All this money is spent through offshore jurisdictions - from the Marshall Islands to the Seychelles and the American states of Nevada and Delaware. And finally park in the 'quiet harbors'. In the trusts of New Zealand, in Liechtenstein funds. From above all this is covered by Anglo-American lawyers, the best in the world.
And do not tell me that the Russians are the most corrupt. Yes, nothing like that! All our bankers-fraudsters were trained by Western specialists, auditors and lawyers. And they all got their share. Believe me, the commission that received the western laundering and receiving infrastructure, legal and banking, was no less than that of Colonel Zakharchenko, but much more.
Nevertheless, even the arrest of this colonel is, of course, a positive trend. Because, at least, more in such quantities, money will not be stolen. Do you know what a hundred billion dollars is for the Russian economy? This is more than the National Welfare Fund! None of our export industry can compare with this money. Because there are still costs there - oil must still be extracted, weapons produced ... If even half of the stolen will be returned, Russia will receive huge money. And this should become one of the priorities of the state

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