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воскресенье, 23 июля 2017 г.

Theft under public cover

DIA applied for a new loan to the Central Bank for payments to depositors of bankrupt banks

The Board of Directors of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) approved an appeal to the Bank of Russia with a request to increase by 220 billion rubles the amount of the loan in order to ensure the financial stability of the deposit insurance system.
Thus, the limit of the credit line of the Central Bank will grow to 820 billion rubles from the current 600 billion rubles, RBC reports. According to the Central Bank on October 7, of the approved limit of 600 billion rubles, 444 billion rubles of loans were selected.
Initially, the size of the CBR's credit line was 110 billion rubles, later it grew first to 250 billion, and then to 420 billion. Since the end of summer 2015, the DIA has ceased to publish the volume of the deposit insurance fund without explaining the reason for closing this information. The Central Bank, however, then assured that the DIA will not be limited in loans from the CBR to make payments to depositors.

Last summer, deputy director of the ASV Andrei Melnikov said that to fund the deposit insurance fund by the end of the first half was spent 358 billion rubles from loans to the Central Bank.
Simultaneously, the board of directors of the agency decided to increase for banks an increased additional rate of deductions to the highest possible level - 500% of the base.
The decision concerns those credit institutions that offer deposits with interest rates that are three percentage points higher than the base rate calculated by the Central Bank (in October 2016 it was 10.19% per annum for deposits with a maturity of more than one year). Now for such banks an additional rate of 300% of the base is set.
For the first time, banks began to pay an increased additional rate to the fund from the second half of 2015. In 2016, it increased twice - in April from 150 to 200%, and from October - to 300%. After only three months, it was announced about another sharp increase - up to 500%.
The change in the rate was expected for the market participants, since both the Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Finance were in favor of increasing the deductions for the most aggressive banks.
State Corporation 'Deposit Insurance Agency', established in December 2003, among other things, manages the mandatory deposit insurance fund, to which member banks make contributions and from which compensation is paid to depositors if their bank ceases to operate.
Banks selected by the DIA for a contest to pay reimbursement to depositors of licensed banks pay insurance to the victims of their means, and the DIA then compensates them for the money spent.
The DIA has the right to resort to financing payments of insurance compensation at the expense of Central Bank loans if the size of the mandatory deposit insurance fund falls below 40 billion rubles.
As of August 1, 2016, the size of the deposit insurance fund was 36.6 billion rubles. Before the mass clearing of the banking sector, which began in mid-2013, the fund was replenished mainly at the expense of contributions paid by banks, now it is formed primarily through loans from the Central Bank.

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In the register of investors of the troubled 'Rosinterbank', the deposits lost 5 billion rubles
In the roster of depositors of Rosinterbank, which was deprived of a license on September 19, data on deposits of almost 5 billion rubles was not taken into account, Vedomosti reports, citing sources in the Central Bank.

'The register of Rosinterbank included 84 thousand investors with claims for 52 billion rubles, while the real size of the attracted funds of the population is about 57 billion,' the source said. Earlier, the Deposit Insurance Agency reported that it will send about 49.2 billion rubles (about 1.4 million rubles) for payments to affected depositors of this bank.
The press service of FC Otkritie, one of the agent banks paying compensation to the depositors of Rosinterbank, confirmed the existence of 'hidden' deposits.
Earlier it was reported that the payment of compensation is carried out from October 3, 2016 to October 3, 2017 through VTB24, Rosselkhozbank and FC Otkrytie, acting on behalf of the DIA and at its expense as agent banks.
The Bank of Russia withdrew on September 19 a license to conduct banking operations with Rosinterbank, which is a participant in the deposit insurance system. Then it was reported that in terms of assets as of September 1, 2016, the institute held 68th place in the banking system of the Russian Federation.
According to the Central Bank, the total amount of obligations of JSC CB 'Rosinterbank'. The negative equity capital of Rosinterbank, that is, the cumulative difference between the amount of liabilities and assets of the bank, was 39.3 billion rubles as of September 16.
September 20, the Central Bank said that the temporary administration in the person of the DIA, appointed to the bank on September 15, from the first day of work, faced with facts of obstruction of its activities on the part of the bank's management. Its representatives did not provide the administration with electronic databases and legal documents for the assets of the credit institution. The automated banking system of the bank did not function, the servers were disabled, legal cases and other documents

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