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суббота, 22 июля 2017 г.

All is has gone in pockets of oligarchy

 Топилин: means for payment of a lump sum from маткапитала in 2017 are not present

The chapter of Ministry of Labor Maxim Topilin has declared, that in 2017 there are no budgetary funds on realization of lumpsum payment from the parent capital. On it informs RIA of News. « There is an assignment of chairman of the government in this regard further to think. That is the decision is not present, money in the budget of 2017 is not present, but the assignment is given, so that we with the Ministry of Finance continued to look these versions further. We shall look, while money in 2017 on these objectives is not present, Anton Germanovich (the chapter of Ministry of Finance Siluanov. — RT) has told, that we have a hope for the best », — has noted Топилин.
In December, 2016 Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed the federal law stopping indexation of the parent capital till 2020.

Billions on support of oligarchy and plutocracy
Medvedev has told about state support of the enterprises Russian легпрома
PLAY SLIDES, 17 янв — RIA of News. Over 500 million roubles it will be allocated in 2017 for granting to the enterprises of light industry of the Russian Federation of grants for the compensation of expenses on service of credits, the prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has informed.
State support of key industries of the industry will make 107,5 bns of roubles
' I have signed the regulation which allows to provide in it to year of the grant of light industry on the compensation of a part of expenses on service of credits. On these objectives essential enough means — up to полумиллиарда roubles ' are planned, — Medvedev at meeting under the list of the actions which have been directed on maintenance of stable social and economic progress of the Russian Federation in 2017 has told.
 ' Money will allow to lower a credit load, accordingly, to raise profitability of manufacture in branch, to reduce a net cost of production that payments under credits did not constrain possible expansion of manufacture or reequipment ', — it has added.
Prime-minister also has expressed hope, that support of light industry will allow Russian production to enter into a market and compete to import analogues both on quality, and at the price of.
For revival of industrial production it is necessary two actions:
1. Nationalization of financial-bank activity and granting of credit resources for all types of economic activities on scanty percent;
2. An increase of incomes of the working population, as a necessary condition for growth of consumption of production of industrial production.
 And any budgetary resources on support it is not required!!!!!!!!
The government does all to the contrary - enriches financial oligarchy (high percent under credits, inflation and visibility of support of the industry), and exhausts people in poverty to provide high profits on the capital that is terrible for manufacture in general.

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