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суббота, 22 июля 2017 г.

Domination of oligarchy and plutocracy

Their capitals have grown on $29 billion after Donald Trampa's election as the president of the United States

Moscow. On January, 10th. INTERFAX.RU - the cumulative condition of the Russian billionaires from the list of magazine Forbes has grown on $29 billion from the moment of Donald Trampa's election as the president of the United States.
Most of all could add Gennady Timchenko and Leonid Mihelsona's capitals. Тимченко was one of the main objects of the American sanctions in 2014. It was helped by growth of actions of gas company NOVATEK (have grown on 16 % after elections in the USA). Now condition Тимченко is estimated in $15,1 billion (growth on $1,8 billion).

Leonid Mihelson who too is investor НОВАТЭКа, has added $1,9 billion. Its capital have estimated in $18,2 billion.
The condition of the Russian billionaires grew not only because of price increase on the action. It was assisted with strengthening rouble (on 20 % in 2016).
Thus, the condition of the richest people in Russia grew more quickly, than in any other country. The cumulative capital of the Russian billionaires after presidential elections of the USA has grown on 7,1 % from a total sum, while at Americans - on 2,8 %.
And bread our fellow citizens eat eggs in former volumes
Russians have sharply reduced consumption of meat, a fish, dairy products and sugar that speaks a rise in prices and falling of incomes of the population. Thus our compatriots began to eat more vegetables, write ' Izvestiya ' referring to given Росстата.
  According to the edition, with 2013 for 2015 in comparison with the previous period each Russian began to use on two kgs of less meat, a fish — on five kgs, milk and dairy products — on nine kgs, sugar — on one kg. The given tendency speaks a rise in prices and falling of incomes of the population.

Thus Russians in 2015 began to eat on kg of more potato, than the last two years (on 112 kgs on each person), and vegetable marrows, and water-melons — on two kgs it is more than pumpkin, than during with 2013 for 2015. According to the newspaper, the quantity of eaten eggs has not changed, as well as breads.
The edition marks, that refusal of sugar and eating of vegetables is estimated, more likely, as a positive instant and maybe by consequence not only financial crisis, but also a sign of transition to a healthy feed.
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