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суббота, 22 июля 2017 г.

Support of business to the detriment of the country

Минэкономразвития will increase volume of support of business up to 20 bns of roubles
Alexander Prokopen Vedomosti  
Минэкономразвития it is measured to increase volume of state support of small and average business in 2017 up to 20 bns rbl., Oleg Fomitchyov at East economic forum has informed the deputy minister of economy.
Support of small and average business has got in number of priority projects of the Presidential Council on нацпроектам. « We shall try to increase volume of financing », - Fomitchyov speaks: while in the budget 7 bns rbl. instead of 11 bns rbl. of this year are laid less, than base 2016, the order. And reduced about 20 bns rbl., it has specified. (the citation on "Interfax").

Минэкономразвития 2014-2015 - about 22 bns rbl. considers proper to return on a level On agreeing about volume of state support, there is a month-one and a half, Fomitchyov has specified.
Despite of the assignment of the first vice-premier Igor Shuvalov to keep financing support of small and average business, the Ministry of Finance suggests to reduce the subroutine up to 4,6 billion And to support МСБ the Ministry of Finance offers due to the rests in 37 bns which for May, 1st were generated on accounts of "corporation MSB" and which need to be spent.

Subroutine Минэкономразвития supplements work of corporation, Fomitchyov speaks: it creates an infrastructure and possibilities for the enterprises which participate in purchases. « Now at us the risk to go in other extreme measure - demand we shall open, and small enterprises will not appear », - it complains.

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